Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rossi Got A Permission To Test Ducati

Valentino Rossi will ride for Ducati on the next two years. But after Phillip Island race, Yamaha's Masao Furusawa still didn't want to give Rossi a permission to test the Ducati. Today after Australian Grand Prix, Furusawa finally give Rossi permission to test Ducati.

Valentino Rossi gave a signal to the media that he has been given permission by Masao Furusawa to test with Ducati next month in Valencia.

“Furusawa called me and told me it was a way of saying thanks for what I have done for Yamaha,” Rossi told Italia 1. “I think it’s a nice gesture and it shows that Yamaha has valued the things done over these years.”

Upon hearing the news MotoGP Project Manager for Ducati Alessandro Cicognani told in an interview: “I haven’t heard what Rossi or Yamaha have said exactly, but I was told about this so I am really happy. I think in a way it’s like a present from Yamaha to Valentino after what he has done for them.”
“We can be happy with this and I would like to thank, in a way, Yamaha. I have good relations with Lin Jarvis and I take this chance to thank him because he has always been fair and open to discussion. It’s not easy and it’s great. So we will work now and finish the season, and then start again for 2011 just after the Valencia race.”

Cicognani continued: “I think for everybody that this test is important because, due to the testing restrictions, I think it’s fair that every rider has the chance to test the bike he is going to ride the following year. So for everybody it would be important. He will test the 2011 bike for sure, and we will see. We are working on it!”

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