Monday, March 14, 2011

Valentino Rossi Satisfied With His Shoulder Progress


Valentino Rossi satisfied with his performance on Qatar test although he was only 8th. One of the better point is the progress of his shoulder after last year injury. Valentino Rossi said that he's happy with his shoulder, and enable to ride better.

“It wasn’t bad for a first day. I was able to ride the bike better, and I enjoyed myself. Although I was just eighth, my times aren’t too far from the top: seven tenths is still a big difference, but anyway it’s progress, considering that I did my best time with a very used tyre. We worked well on the settings, even if in a couple parts of the circuit I’m still not fast enough, and we’ll have to try some more solutions tomorrow. As for the shoulder, I’m happy because I have a little more strength, and that enables me to ride better. Today I also had my first crash on a Ducati, which I naturally did intentionally because after a while, you have to do a little fall… All joking aside, I entered too quickly and lost the front: I was able to pick it up and avoid crashing while I was on the track, but I dropped it in the gravel – no big deal though.”

Hopefully Valentino Rossi's performance will back with Ducati. And if it's happens, Honda and Yamaha must be aware about Ducati and Valentino Rossi

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