Saturday, April 30, 2011

Casey Stoner vs Valentino Rossi Part Two

Valentino Rossi

MotoGP drama on Jerez still continue. Casey Stoner make some comment about Valentino Rossi after 1st day free practice session on Jerez. As Stoner told, "It was like calling Valentino who was always following me. To find the best lap he was always behind me." 

Stoner added, "It's like a dog always following you everywhere so it was like c'mon (whistles), good boy. If he is struggling to do a lap time this is it. We had our problems during the session and we were focussing on this but I also saw he held up Toni Elias a lot to find his lap time so I don't think it is so correct."

This statement was quoted after Stoner was riled in practice that factory Ducati rider Rossi was following him to try and improve his lap time.

Valentino Rossi also told for the answer of Stoner's statement, "About today, I don’t think Casey likes me a lot. This is quite clear. First it was because I slowed down to catch my breath because I was quite tired and I wanted to make a last lap pushing."

"Stoner passed and I restarted to push. He was in front of me but I wasn't close but this happens in every practice and every race, so if he doesn’t want anybody to follow him then he has to race alone."

Rossi said he had seen Stoner's gesture and he added: “I saw it yes but I expected this. When we are together he always exaggerates everything too much. If I have to make like this in all my career for people that follow me then I break my seat."

Well, it's gonna be more interest on next Sunday race

source: MCN

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