Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stoner: no 1000cc at Misano

Casey Stoner completed a perfect weekend today with his victory at the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix, celebrating Honda's second successive win here at the brickyard and marking Honda's third consecutive win on American shores.

After recording the a new circuit best lap record yesterday whilst claiming pole position for today's race with a 1'38.850 lap, Stoner also achieved a new fastest race lap record of 1'39.807. This is Stoner's seventh win of the season and third consecutive win in a row after Laguna Seca and Brno.

"We got an OK start and I should have been a little more aggressive in the first corner - the Australian said - As I entered turn two, Dani hit the breaks quite hard and I just had nothing, my brakes weren't warmed up yet and I had trouble stopping, I was lucky to get through the first lap. The race was tough, conditions were very hot and the track surface a little more slippery than practice and qualifying which made things difficult to know how much to push. At one point, I closed the front and dropped the bike on my knee, I was pretty much down but managed to pick it back up and not lose too much confidence. From there we started to make our way past Dani, put in a few good lap times and pull an advantage. Under challenging track conditions everything has worked really well this weekend, the crew did a fantastic job and gave me a great bike so a huge thanks to them all!"

Towards the end of the day, Honda also revealed that they will not be testing the 1000cc bike at Misano. Although the most recent test session at Brno went well, they Japanese factory has some small modifications they would like to perform before the bike's next outing.

source: GP One

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