Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tech3 jumps in with Suter and FTR

Colin Edwards remains tight lipped about his future in MotoGP, but nevertheless some small hints were dropped during the Indy GP weekend.

Speaking about Yamaha, with whom he first raced as an adolescent in motocross, the Texan said, "We are talking and I can almost say that I'll be back in MotoGP with them next year."

By "with" Yamaha, he is likely referring to the Team Forward Moto1, which is set to be powered by an R1 based engine. The latest talk, however, suggests that the chassis will actually be built by Team Tech3, who are currently doing this in Moto2 with Bradley Smith. The technical director - not crew cheif - would likely be Guy Coulon.

And so the "old" guard of MotoGP team members are being shown the door, only to come right back in through the side window with Moto1. The same thing could happen at Team Gresini, with Cecchini supervising the Moto1 project which, at HRC's insistence, would instead use Honda engine.

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