Saturday, September 3, 2011

Filippo Preziosi: "I'd like to try to Stoner on the Ducati 2012"

"The assumption we made is that the problem is the flexibility of the frame, but is not the fault of the choice of carbon. Anyway, that road we took after the comments from Stoner and Melandri, on the fact that the frame of aluminum tubes were not sufficiently rigid. Casey when she tried that carbon had been very strong and I think it's human to adopt a solution when your pilot is strong "

The engineer Filippo Preziosi said so at the BBC, and without adding too many notions about the solutions to be adopted in the 2012 motorcycle, candidly admits that he made ​​some mistakes in evaluating the structural rigidity, but justified by the feedback they have given pilots in testing the new monocoque seen for the first time the Ducati Desmosedici GP9.

"I'd like to absurd even to try the new bike Casey to see what I say. In any case, it will test the chassis 2012 in the race " . With this sentence to the limit between the output unhappy and just a simple thought to be taken seriously, the father of all the talk ends D16. Valentino Rossi , however, seems more absolutist and comments with a phrase worthy of a thriller: "To test Valencia we have a clear idea of what to do. We are working, but I wait two years, then ... "

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