Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Brivio: Rossi is better than Stoner

When, in 2003, Valentino Rossi realized the company to always go to the podium (with 9 wins) riding the Honda RC211V, few would have expected a change of team from the "Doctor" . Especially for the benefit of the poor, then Yamaha.

One of the architects of the move that has sparked one of the companies most memorable modern MotoGP - World won the first attempt by Rossi with Iwata's house - was the then director of the factory Yamaha team Davide Brivio. Together with the brilliant Masao Furusawa , it was he who persuaded the leadership to win the World Championship was a " crazy can " . "Furusawa had no scruples to the idea of 'stealing' Valentine Honda - Brivio said during the presentation of "The Masterpiece "book by Enrico Borghi on Rossi's Yamaha year -  but we still afraid . We thought: 'If we win will be credited with Rossi, but seem like our fault if we lose' " .

After separation by mutual agreement between Rossi and the M1 beloved, many have called for an equally well-matched pair with the Reds of Borgo Panigale. For now, everything has remained a dream. But Brivio, who lived with their own eyes the first "operation" of the "Doctor", has not lost confidence.  "In 2003, Yamaha had made ​​only one podium finish, but the work of Valentino and the team consisted of creating a 'evolution of the existing bike. At Ducati, but it was a revolution, then we need a little 'more time' .

Brivio, Rossi always follows closely that of the company in charge of merchandising VR 46, has identified two main causes for the disappointments of this year: the sporting heritage of Casey Stoner and Bridgestone tires . "Stoner is very strong and has the ability to get the most out of the means at his disposal - he said - but is less sensitive to Valentino to understand how the bike, so much so that much fell in Ducati. This does not help the engineers to develop a project " .

One opinion, this, that can be shared or not, since even this year Rossi crashed often. 

According Brivio, new tires have also given greater emphasis in the design of a motorcycle chassis, supporting the Japanese houses. "Once there were more options with regard to the carcass of the tire - he explained -  You could try more settings and you had more flexibility in the development. But now we must develop an entire motion as a function of the tire, and the Japanese were more good in this respect " .

To make a counterbalance to technical problems, there are reasons, always high, Rossi. "Despite the difficulties, I see Valentino and the same commitment in the team, the same enthusiasm, and the same passion. He has always worked hard to hone the talent, training and studying the sport in detail " .

In this regard, Brivio told an anecdote. "During the race at the Sachsenring in 2006, Rossi, Melandri, Edwards, Hayden and Pedrosa were fighting for the victory. Valentino then took the margin in the final and won the race. In the post-race, he told us of trying to stretch after seeing on the big screen that Hayden had passed Pedrosa. The two were wearing the same colors and none of us understood how he could separate them at that speed, but Valentino told us about it noticed by special helmets " .

The change in the next season to 1000cc may decrease the gap between the manufacturers, who are all starting a new project. However, Brivio remains cautious. "Honda and Yamaha, however, start from a solid base. The Ducati instead mount a brand new aluminum perimeter frame and a new engine to improve the movement of the weights and the balance of the bike. It was a difficult year but Ducati have worked so hard and Valentino has given many indications. I hope that what has started this year will result in a business similar to that made ​​with the Yamaha " .

source: GP One

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