Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Ducati would like to raise the minimum weight for 1000cc

Ducati team moved to the promoters of the FIM World and the suggestion to raise the current minimum weight of MotoGP prototypes, set at 150 kilograms, for the next season. Their biggest rivals in the championship, Honda and Yamaha, have steadfastly refused.

Ducati Corse is embroiled cast working overtime to perfect the new 1000cc GP12 and aluminum chassis with Valentino Rossi must return to the forefront of sporting success. The post-season test in Valencia, on 8 and 9 November, were not as good as they expected in the laboratory of the factory sport Borgo Panigale. The changes being introduced in the new bike are many, some breakers and others as important as simple as a piece is to move a single millimeter forward or back ...

Based on suggestions from Valentino Rossi, engineers, led by Filippo Preciosi guru, are rebuilding the GP12 starting virtually from scratch again and, apparently, as we have explained, a detail that would greatly help the new bike would win a little weight. According to current regulations in MotoGP, the minimum weight for racing bikes should not drop below 150kg. That is the minimum weight, but not mandatory, if Ducati wants to make a heavier bike has no impediment. The question, therefore, is of drawer: Why do you want to change the rule?

Well, obviously to avoid even more disadvantaged compared to Honda and Yamaha, whose prototypes for 2012 are restricted to those 150 kilos minimum. If Ducati achieves its aim of raising the minimum weight, the two Japanese manufacturers should ballast their prototypes to achieve the new minimum weight that would set the rules.

The request for Ducati, which has not been made at official level, but as a simple suggestion was dismissed immediately by Honda and Yamaha, which is completely opposed, which could make the request to reconsider Ducati. However, if the Italian automaker continues its purpose should present an official request to the FIM, which according to the manufacturers and the global sponsor should decide.

The petition, at first glance, it seems ridiculous and doomed to failure. However, the same thought a few months ago when Valentino asked to liberalize private testing of equipment, a standard that was established to reduce costs and now, curiously, has been carried out. Teams can now make as many private workouts like, is the toll it had to 'pay' the sponsor to have the entire Ducati Grand Prix of Japan. We will, therefore, what happens with this new 'demands' on the minimum weight.

source: motocuatro

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