Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nico Terol and Aleix Espargaró, satisfied with the touchdown today at Valencia

Nico Terol has finally released its new category, one touchdown day, which has been used to gain a foothold on a whole new frame for it. At the end of the day completed fifty-three turns short runs of five to eight laps.

At his side in the box, a new face in the Mapfre Aspar Team, Aleix Espargaró, an experienced pilot in the category is not well with Suter, since it was the first time I had occasion to test the Swiss mount. Catalan track opened at 10.30 but around noon he suffered a fall in the Eleventh Circuit Ricardo Tormo curve, which compelled him to return to the pits to repair his bike. Fortunately, he has emerged unscathed from the shock with its front wheel, and three in the afternoon I went back to the track to complete two more hours of work.

Nico Terol (53 laps): "At last I could get on my new bike. It's something totally different to what I had tried so far. Today I have found that to handle a four-stroke bike you have to vary much driving style , I find it very funny. Today was a day to shoot, accumulate miles, take the first sensations, and gather information to continue working tomorrow. So far this bike seems more fun than the 125, you notice more engine and drift rather I've also noticed much difference in the changes of direction, it is normal, the bike weighs twice. However the biggest difference from the 125 is on the brake motor. I am very satisfied with the first contact, our goal is but always take small steps forward. This bike gives me a lot of security when opening gas is not as rigid as the 125, and also because my first impression, your response is fairly predictable. I was intrigued to see what I would send the bike was a motivation that I needed, tonight I will sleep very comfortable. "

Aleix Espargaró (34 laps): "I am very happy to try a Suter. I could compare with my old bike, and there best and other various aspects. What is clear is that we have much work. This first experience has been fascinating, especially the technical staff know Mapfre Aspar Team. They all have very clear ideas, it is easy to work with. The feeling with the bike has been very positive even though I've only completed thirty-four laps. At noon I had a fall and had to stop to fix the bike. Even if private workouts always fight against the stopwatch, but the important thing now, if we want to go fast on this bike, you understand and know how we can squeeze it, based on accumulated experience. It is very docile, easy changes of direction, however in some corners I need to gain confidence with the front wheel. My presence in the Mapfre Aspar Team next season is a confirmed fact, and I am very happy because it is one of the best World Cup teams. "

Source: Aspar Team

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