Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ohlins unveils new Moto3 fork

Ohlins has unveiled a brand new fork, the FG385, designed for the new 250cc four-stroke Moto3 class, which is replacing the 125cc World Championship from 2012.

"While it is sad to say goodbye to the last of the two-stroke GP race bikes, Moto3 looks likely to be a superb class and a great place for new riders to learn their race craft and crucial bike set-up skills," said Mats Larsson, Racing Manager R&D Öhlins Racing.

"With the new Öhlins FG385 borrowing so much of its technology from the equipment used in MotoGP, this new generation of GP stars will have the chance to cut their teeth using the very latest suspension available in preparation for their transition to MotoGP.”

The FG385 uses the same pressurised damping system as the forks Ohlins supplies to the entire MotoGP grid. The Moto3 forks also features titanium nitride coated inner tubes for reduced friction and better damping characteristics as well as twin radial brake caliper mounts. 

In addition to very low hysteresis, this design has proven to be easy to tune and simple to service. Each set of forks comes with a complete setting library and the new FG385 forks weigh 4,450 grams including the springs.

source: crash

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