Friday, December 2, 2011

Ben Spies Is Competing In MotoGP

The headline accompanying a video posted Tuesday, Nov. 29 at the website of Dallas-Fort Worth TV station WFAA might cause the brain of a knowledgeable MotoGP fan to stop and scratch like a needle dragging across a vinyl album: Texas racer Ben Spies competing in MotoGP

Cynics might retort by saying it's about time mainstream media in Texas woke up to the presence of a world-class international athlete who lives in their state who doesn't play football, basketball, baseball or isn't Lance Armstrong.

But not so fast, my friends. Stay objective and think about it. The ABC affiliate in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington - the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the United States - ran a feature on its local MotoGP rider. WFAA's early and late news consistently lead the ratings in that market.

So what if the feature was lightweight? So what if the feature included crash footage to hype the sport? The feature showed Spies as a cool, happy, elite athlete from Texas who competes in an exciting sport that requires big balls.

This is big progress for the growing exposure of Spies in his home market and for the sport of Grand Prix motorcycle racing in the United States.

source: superbike planet

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