Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Carlos Checa: "The problem is the tires MotoGP"

Our friend Alberto Gómez published yesterday in Mark a great interview with the current World Superbike Champion, Carlos Checa, in which the Fruitós Sant, among other things, talked about the development of the Ducati MotoGP and its problems. Below is the interview: 

 Question. What does a bull shark swimming around?

RESPONSE. I have long been living among sharks ... [laughter] You know that little adventure cost me and was something attractive. Being among these creatures, in quotes, with some peace of mind is fine.

P. Does scarier than riding a bike at 300 km / h?

R. No, afraid not. Respect yes, but I've had a great time.

 P. Not even hesitate?

R. Clearly, when you see a bug that comes and ... you claim to be meek, but you see that comes from face and mouth opens several feet with those teeth ... But then they say that there are 500 species of sharks and aggressive four, and in the aquarium there was none of these, fortunately. [Laughs] I think Hollywood shows us that evil is an animal, but it is a beautiful animal.

P. Now they want to find in the sea right?

R. This is another thing. If I see shit in the open sea alive.

 P. What madness is missing?

R. There are always things. I do not know ... Some mountain ... With anything I have fun. There are always adventures. You know the raids and I like the Dakar. But now I'm excited to go skiing, I run away a few days in the Alps. And little else in mid-January because I have tests in Jerez MotoGP and then go to Australia for training and we still SBK few days.

 P. You, who go by land, sea or air, where do better?

R. First, by land, then air, and finally water. But I look at the three sites.

 P. What is the adventure he's on your mind?

R. Be calm. [Laughs] Skiing, I'm excited. There were years ice climbing ... But I will ski in fresh snow and then we bike.

 P. And the Dakar?

R. I do not know if the Dakar but I feel like doing a raid. I guess at the moment I touch I'll do the Dakar car or with a cane. I have a speed on asphalt, but interpreting this race is complicated and must be well prepared.

 P. In recent days has a tighter program of festivities for the new government. How do you take?

R. This year has been incredible. I arrived yesterday from Italy with a beautiful festival, celebrating Christmas in Ducati. He came from England. But to Ducati, lead and represent that shield is awesome. It was a very nice party. Then I tribute Nolan (his brand of helmets). And so many tributes to me and I have a little extra.

 P. Sure, you another kind of being in the mountains.

R. Yeah, but look, we would have managed to win, we have known celebrate and savor, and I very grateful for that side. And now, full stop. To best prepare for the coming year. So the mountain is the best escape for me, skiing, and be to myself.

 P. Have you already put his bike in the Ducati museum?

R. No, I do not have any to get even. There is an area that should be expanded to get mine. I think they will in the future. What they have done is put a giant poster of 10x10 with all the history of Ducati and the angle is my picture. Grazie puts Carlos.

 P. When you have 39 years and happiness comes so late, everything is sweeter?

R. Yes We won and we have learned to enjoy it. And being near the end of my career, because, make no mistake, I will not run until 50. I've lived while being able to win now and how we won, it gives me enormous satisfaction. So this intensity.

 P. No Stoner, this year was the star Czech gala FIM. How do you sat stardom?

R. It was nice. Also, I gave the trophy to the personality of the year in all categories. It is a very important award, which was missing. Before the show I said, 'I ask nothing more. " This is bestial.

 P. Come on, that you can now die in peace.

R. Gives a sense of inner peace. I made a huge journey, I learned, I grew up, I know what I am and close a circle with this championship. I can say I had a long career I have reached a high point. I have the feeling of accomplishment. It was something I had admired in other drivers and for me it is a goal achieved on a personal level and sport.

 P. When I was young, who admired?

R. The great champions and great people who have done things for humanity. To those who through the tough times have brought out the best of themselves. In those moments I felt weak and helpless, and I admired guys like Rainey, Doohan or Rossi.

 P. And now, at his age, can you admire someone?

R. Well, Lorenzo, who has done a great championship. You already did last year. Stand up to Valentino, with his own bike, without bowing, was very great. Will be remembered and must be assessed as such because it is a great feat. Won the championship that has made me admire him a lot. And Stoner, of how he has done this year. I do not want me to Pedrosa, but I think Lorenzo and Stoner are a little more than some have impressed me.

 P. How much self-esteem has risen Carlos Checa this year?

R. Not that I have raised self-esteem, I uploaded the satisfaction of duty done and stay at peace with myself. In the past, the results crushed me more self-esteem. Before pilot was a little more and less person. Now the person is ahead of the pilot, so do not go crazy.

 P. And on top of the luxury for Ducati tester.

R. Yes, and for me it's a great experience. It's a bike from scratch and makes other sensations. I am in a great time and I'll help all I can and try to give them the best information possible. I am delighted to collaborate on this project.

 P. The million euro question: does this bike may be allowed Rossi to be ahead?

R. I do not know, is very difficult because I have not tried the other bikes. I'd have to beat me in the race against the others to see where we are. I think this bike has to move, I see some limitations on the cycle in which you have to work and that is my perception. Other details I can not give because I have been forbidden to talk about it.

 P. But this chassis Deltabox Japanese style, can benefit Valentino?

R. Much is said about the bike, chassis, but what really changes the character of the category are the tires. They superrígidos is difficult to understand its limits and about a tire is how you build a bike. If this does not change, the bikes will remain little fun, difficult to understand and very easy to fall.

 P. Yes it is black.

R. It is the reality. This, to me, is ruining the spectacle of MotoGP and the pilots fall without knowing why.

 P. Why?

R. When you do not know where the limit of the tire is very hard to develop a motorcycle. The problem is not the case. Ducati has changed four chassis and the result is the same. The problem is the tires.

 P. How do you see the arrival of the CRT to the World?

R. One way to keep the championship, if not, can not do a World Cup with only 12 bikes. It is a must to survive.

source: motocuatro

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