Saturday, December 3, 2011

The sports hall will be named after Marco Simoncelli Coriano

The prefecture of Rimini has announced that the process for a title at the indoor stadium Marco Simoncelli finished. The naming request was made ​​by the Commissioner of the City of Coriano. As reported by "" Given the international character, universally recognized, and the indisputable reputation of the person, was the provision under which derogated as' no monument, plaque or other permanent record can be dedicated to people who do not ... have died at least 10 years. " Thus, "running" in a month ten years, Marco Simoncelli has won the race against a rule of law and will entitle the sports hall of Coriano.

The naming request was made in memory of mourning "that has hit our community," of "international importance, both in racing circles and among the citizens", the "active participation of many ... a sign of esteem and respect in against Marco Simoncelli, "and believing, by this gesture," to make alive the memory "of the Grand Prix winner.

source: Motorionline

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