Friday, January 20, 2012

Ducati completes three-day test in Jerez: ready for Sepang

After three days of testing at Jerez, Ducati has issued a statement this afternoon. Explains the team of Bologna, the test team, led by technical director Filippo Preziosi, has completed three days of testing with Carlos Checa and Franco Battaini, followed since the box by the team manager, Vittoriano Guareschi. 

According to the statement, both drivers completed the 'shake-dow of the new GP12, which will be tested later this month in Sepang, in the official preseason test with Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden. 

As explained in Ducati, during the three days, where the weather has been cold but dry environment, the program of work was completed without any problem, which has also completed all the tests provided for preparing the test in Sepang January 31 to February 2 . 

Apart from the official statement, which adds nothing new and does not include pictures of the evidence, I must say that the new GP12 is a completely new prototype that has nothing to do with what proved Rossi at Valencia, after the season ends Last November, which was ruled by the Italian. 

As discussed in the Czech Twitter, "the feelings are good," but little else has been able to comment on the SBK world champion because of the secrecy of the test by Ducati. After completing the test today, has Carlos has posted the following tweet: "End of test with the GP. In the afternoon I rode my 1st time in Jerez 1198 recovering and preparing optimal feeling and this season, "tweet in the English version has also commented on his new bike for the World Superbike is not easy to drive with 6 kilograms of weight.

By the way, building its presence in Jerez for this test, the Jerez city council took last night to pay tribute to the pilot for his career and his SBK world title, as you can see in the image uploaded by the Czech own your twitter.

source: motocuatro

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