Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Marco Simoncelli celebrated by Valentino Rossi and many others

More than 6,000 people were present at 105 Stadium Rimini to celebrate the birthday of Marco Simoncelli on the day of what would have been his 25 th birthday. Those who knew him well thus argues that a party would definitely be pleased. The festival was organized by family and sports and public institutions.

There were people in the entertainment, sports, comedy, common people. Numerous surprises, like the transport company to give the number 58 bus line that connects Rimini to Coriano. The party was also a means to raise funds for the foundation Simoncelli and all 58 have paid for the ticket.

It 'was a good party, there were his colleagues and rivals on the track, Andrea Dovizioso, Mattia Pasini, his friend Valentino Rossi. Simoncelli's birthday, has seen moments of the show when it was also enlivened by choreography and banners of the public, while the moments of emotion when we were on the big screen were shown videos of Mark.

In addition there were also artists of Zelig who conducted the show until late in the evening, a show directed by comedian Sergio Sgrilli. Giuseppe Giacobazzi opened the festival of Sic, a tribute of India continued with Figs, tips and Stigma, Paolo Migone, Baz, all on stage for him and her, her family, dad Paul, mom Scarlett's sister Martina .

A family took the stage at the end with his girlfriend Kate, at which point no father Paul has done it again and was moved and his eyes are shiny and made the tears fell.


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