Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brad Binder Interview

We grabbed a word with the youngster South African - Brad Binder who will compete 2012 in Moto3 on a KTM Kalex driven RW Racing GP bike. Brad talks about his new bike and team, rivals, vacation, girls and much more! 

In your eyes, how was 2011?
2011 was a very tough year for me but also a year of great opportunities. It was my final year with the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies and my goal at the beginning of the season was to achieve significant results.  It turned out to be a really challenging year, the wet weather did not work in my favour at all but on the upside I did get invaluable wet weather riding experience.  I had my best ever race in 2011 – at Estoril on the 30th April where I won by 15.9 seconds, I will always remember 2011 for this achievement!  It was also the year I made my Moto GP 125 debut – at Indianapolis, I am extremely grateful for the head start that I had, riding Moto GP 125 rounds at circuits that I had not previously had experience at, this experience will help me a lot for 2012 and also was my introduction to RW Racing.  

Of all the races throughout the season, which one is the most important for you?
All the races are important to me I want to finish as many of the races as I can in the points, that is my goal for 2012.

How do you prepare for a new season in Moto3?
In the off season I trained very hard to try get as fit as possible so that I’m in the best physical condition that I can be for the 2012 racing season.  I have a very specific training regime to ensure that I am physically fit and that I can perform in hot weather conditions.  I am fortunate in that living in South Africa the weather is really good during the off season.  I don’t spend too much time in the air conditioned environment of a gym but outdoors to emulate race conditions.  I swim up to 1.6 kilometres a day in a dam and then I run and cycle.

Tell me about your new team and your new bike!
This year I’m riding for the Dutch RW Racing Team, I will be riding a Kalex KTM in Moto3 alongside Luis Salom. The team is great they have made me feel so welcome and part of their family. We are going to have a great year together.

Do you get along with your new teammate, Luis Salom?
I get on well with Luis Salom he has already helped me a lot this year with the data and different things, if I have any problems with lines on the track he’s always happy to help me which makes is much easier for me to try go faster.  He gives great advice, after the first day of our private test at Valencia where I was still trying to get to grips with my new Moto 3 bike, Luis explained to me that riding the bike was like singing a song.  It sounds like really strange advice but it worked so well and made perfect sense – everything seemed to fall into place after that!

Who will be your toughest rival in Moto3?
I think it’s still too early to see who my main rival will be as I have no clue who is going to be coming where in the Moto3 class this year because it’s all so new.  I am really looking forward to racing against my fellow Red Bull MotoGP Rookies from 2011 – Arthur Sissis and Alan Techer because I know them and have spent time racing against them.

Who do you think will win the MotoGP title this season?
As much as I want Valentino Rossi to win, I think Casey stoner will clean up just as he did this last year.
What GP riders do you admire and why?
I admire Valentino Rossi the most because I think he is the most amazing rider and I hope that one day soon he will end up on top again, just like in the past.

What’s your favourite sport beside MotoGP?
I really enjoy playing squash when I’m not racing and I’ve also got into cycling from doing it as training for my racing.  Squash is great because I am really competitive and I can play to win against my component!

Your favourite videogame?
I’m not big into video games so I don’t have a favourite game.. I would way rather go outside and wheelie my bicycle than play video games.

Your best vacation?
In December every year, my family and I go to Shelly Beach on the Kwa Zulu Natal South Coast in South Africa which I enjoy, it’s always something to look forward to after the season to go and relax and chill out.  I am very close to my family and with all of the travelling that I do with my mom (this year) and in previous years my dad, our December holiday is when we all get time to spend together.  I also love to surf and this is something that I spend a lot of time doing – South Africa has great surf conditions!  I am doing my  Scuba Diving Course at the moment so that at the end of this year I can spend time scuba diving with my brother.

Girl would you date?
Which girls would I date is a difficult one, I don’t know what to say other than she must be hot… haha!

Are you addicted to social network? 
No I am not – I know that Ella (my social networking manager) wishes I was.  I try hard and I know how important it is.  I like to look on FaceBook and see what all of my friends are up to, I follow my Twitter account and I am very grateful for all of my followers so I try hard to tweet interesting things but I know that I could be much better, I am trying!!

What objectives have you set yourself for next season?
This year I’m going to try and get into the points as often as possible.  I have sponsors who have shown their confidence in me by sponsoring me and people who are taking the time to follow me and my achievements, I want to show them my commitment, dedication and determination by achieving good results. 

What do you want to say to your fans?
Thank-you!  I get many messages of encouragement and these always make me feel really good.  Also seeing the number of Twitter Followers increase all the time is a great feeling.  I hope to always give my fans what they want – results, interesting posts and news and great action pics on FaceBook!

by Firsty Ayusha @ucha6911

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