Monday, February 6, 2012

Casey Stoner: "It is disappointing that they decided to change the minimum weight so late"

After winning the world title in his first season in the Repsol Honda Team, the reigning champion is ready to face a new year full of news both professionally and personally. World Championship in 2012, Casey Stoner must adapt to the new MotoGP regulations and their new tool, the RC213V, of 1000cc. In the family, the Australian and his wife hope to release paternity in just a few weeks.

First of all, how are you? Because after a long winter waiting to get back on the bike, you could not shoot the first day of the three day test at Sepang ...

"After the long winter and away from the bike, we have been preparing to be ready for the first day of tests. Unfortunately, we had a problem with my back and we missed the first day of practice. We raised evidence for these three days but had to be allocated between the remaining two. was a little disappointed, but then I felt really good to be able to get back on the bike and have those feelings again. Everything went pretty well and I think we can improve. "

Does it change much the driving style of the 1,000 in comparison with the 800?

"No, we have not changed much driving style, with the 800 already had too much power, so you had to learn what to do with it in many ways. I think the 1000 has a lot more acceleration, making it more fun, but I do not have to change my style too. The sensations are very similar to the 800 and it seems that everyone is doing well. "

Have you changed this winter physical training thinking about the new bike?

"No, I think the physical demands will be very similar. Will be a little more difficult but we trained to get the best shape to ride any bike and not thinking only of the 800. In my opinion, not much more I can improve the appearance physical before the start of the season. "

Do you notice the 4 extra kilos that bear on the bike from these tests at Sepang unlike in Valencia?

"Yes, that's pretty frustrating because we had developed the bike and it was then decided to make a new rule, so we we had to add 4 kilos more on the bike. That is a disadvantage for us because the bike had already been developed, designed for a certain weight and now have to add more, and that affects the bike. not something we notice much in the pilot in general, but unfortunately at the time to maneuver through the curve itself is quite noticeable. We to try to adapt a bit more and get over it, but disappointed that they decided to do so later. "

With these new bikes with more power, more weight but with the same fuel capacity, you still work and collaboration between engineers and the Repsol Honda pleased to provide you and Dani the best gas?

"Of course, having more power will be a critical aspect that we try to get the same benefits but with less consumption. We have the same capacity in the tank we had with the 800 but with much more power, it will be quite difficult to ensure we can finish races. So I think it is crucial that Repsol Honda and to work together and find the best solution. "

Now you have a blog and the fans are really happy with it as is clear from his comments. What do you think of it? You know all the people who support you and follow you in this new channel to know more about you?

"Yes, it is something they will know better what's happening behind the scenes, how I feel, what I think ... not something to do before but thanks to Repsol, I decided to do this year and see how it goes. I think it will be interesting fans can read. "

People say that when you lose a tenth father back ... Do you agree?

"They also say that when you marry you become slower, but when I got married I won my first World Championship and when we knew we were going to have a baby, I won my second title. So right now, I do not happen."

Imagine that in the future, one of your child says "Daddy, I want to be a pilot!" What would you say?

"(Laughs) He must teach them from young to ride a motorcycle, but the decision of whether or not pilot will be uniquely yours."

Source: Repsol Honda

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