Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dovizioso: Honda, Yamaha Polar Opposites

Jumping from three seasons aboard a Honda to Yamaha has been a major eye-opener for Andrea Dovizioso, who moved from Repsol Honda to Tech 3 Yamaha this season.

Both bikes are produced by Japanese manufacturers, use Bridgestone tires and aluminum frames, but the similarities almost end there, Dovizioso said last week during preseason testing at Sepang.

"We came from Valencia with a few problems, but I knew I have to adapt my style to Yamaha because it's really different," Dovizioso said. "I can say opposite. Because the philosophy of Yamaha and Honda from history is always opposite: Honda tried to have the best acceleration and Yamaha the best handling. I have to change everything.

"I'm working a lot to adapt and I've made a big improvement from Valencia, but there is more to do. We also tried to adapt the electronic system for my style and Yamaha style, because I arrive with the mentality of Honda and I tried to ride in the same way, but it didn't work."

In the July 2011 Indy teleconference, then Tech Three Yamaha rider Colin Edwards said that in 2010 he used a chassis that was at least two years old, giving an idea the update status of Tech Three.


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