Monday, February 13, 2012

Ducati is on sale for a value of 1 billion euros

Ducati for sale, right to 1 billion euros. Andrea Bonomi, chairman of Investindustrial (main shareholder Ducati Motor Holding), has confirmed today in an interview to the "Financial Times": the Borgo Panigale looking for a "solid financial partner" for the future in the short and medium term. As reported by the ANSA (hereafter the Agency of 11:13), there are several groups interested in this financial operation: by Mahindra Group to BMW, Mercedes without forgetting, following up the rumors in recent months ..

"Ducati and 'for sale. The Investindustrial Andrea Bonomi the financier who also won the chairmanship of the board of management of Banca Popolare di Milano, the group wants to divest or quotarla at a price that could reach 1 billion euros. The Bonomi said the same to the Financial Times that a handful of groups in Europe, Asia and the United States would be interested. According to some sources, among the potential buyers are the BMW and the Indian Mahindra.

"Ducati and 'society now a' perfect - Bonomi says the FT - but further growth requires the support of an industrial partner of global significance."

For this Bonomi, so that points' to triple the initial investment, said: "This year we will work to find the right partner."

Last year, the Investindustrial has mandated Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and Banca Imi to probe a listing of Ducati on the market of Hong Kong (the company 'was listed in Milan until 2008 note), but at present the sale to a rival group or a large automotive group, said the newspaper, and 'seen as option more' likely to further internationalize the brand.

The Ducati, whose fame in the world 'was increased due to the victories of Valentino Rossi, 40,000 motorcycles sold each year and has debts of 1.7 times its earnings for the first interest, depreciation and amortization. A debt burden that Ft, judges 'lower than that of many companies' in the portfolio of private equity groups. "


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