Monday, March 5, 2012

The Aspar Team with Project Lazarus for spinal injury research

The Aspar Team will work with this non-profit association whose purpose is to raise funds for research into spinal cord regeneration.

The Aspar Team is the champion on the track and a reference both inside and outside. Today, in another example of solidarity and commitment, the association supports Lazarus Project: Arise and walk. An initiative that sees the light today after many months of preparation and deliberation. One cause created and concocted by spinal cord injury to dream the impossible, the regeneration of the spinal cord.

Aspar Team, tireless fighter and protector of dreams, wanted to share the goal of this association of Valencia, to help you get financing for your project. Lazarus Project is a nonprofit association whose sole purpose is to promote research to cure spinal cord injuries. Cree on research carried out by Dr Almudena Ramón (line of inquiry is to get an autologous cell transplantation therapy, ie using patient's own cells), and will fight for this therapy becomes a reality . 

source: motocuatro

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