Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ben Spies on Jorge Lorenzo: "We respect and support each other"

Ben Spies, Grup Pont official driver, spoke during the official IRTA test at Jerez on his relationship with the Insurance Brokers, the expectations for this new season, new bike, mate Jorge Lorenzo and the opportunity to learn from Kevin Schwantz on School Safety Club Grup Pont.

- Who is Ben Spies?

I am my sister's brother, the son of my parents, I'm cousin and nephew, a friend of my friends. Someone who likes to go fast on a bike and cycling.

- What motivates you to be part of Pont Grup?

I am very much concerned with safety. To live, whether in connection with sport or not, you have to be responsible and live without worries. In that sense Pont Grup, with its safe, I removed a load off, I can enjoy life without worries.

- How do you see the season start?

This year I see a lot more competitive, the new power with the bikes. Fans will enjoy. As for my cycling team, Elbowz Racing ( we have started the season and we're winning and staying in the top places.

- What are the chances this season Ben Spies?

I feel very strong and the new Yamaha are very close to the head.

- How do you feel with the new bike?

I am very comfortable with it and very happy with the power it has.

- Will there be more show this year with 1000cc bikes?

If, in some ways I think will be more spectacular.

- How do you take the same team as Jorge Lorenzo?

We work well together, but above all we respect. Apart from the laughter in front of the cameras, we talk and support each other in what we must do.

- For you, Who are the favorites for the title this year?

I think it's a bit early to say one, but several drivers are in the fight and I hope to be with them.

- Why the number 11?

It's my birthday.

- How about the initiative of the Club Pont Grup making safe driving courses for motorists through Pont Club Grup Safety School?

I think it's important to raise awareness among motorists about safety when riding. The opportunity Grup Pont Club Safety School to learn the correct techniques of driving and doing the hand of someone so great in motorcycling as Kevin Schwantz is a privilege.

- What do you think is the most common error when driving a motorcycle through the city?

  Not being aware that they are more fragile than other vehicles, so need to be aware of possible problems that may arise on the road.

- What are your basic keys to safely operate a motorcycle in town? Be attentive to each vehicle, every pedestrian, every bike, drive safely and observe trial and the road to avoid any damage that may occur.

- Do you think that motorists are aware enough to practice safe driving?

Motorists may think they are, but not in all cases take all necessary security measures.

- Aside from the biker equipment (helmet, overalls, gloves ...) What is the best security measure is? Education, awareness and safe driving.

Source: Grup Pont

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