Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dovi: Stoner was hiding

He wanted to celebrate in another way, its twenty-sixth birthday, Andrea Dovizioso, but a nagging stomach did not allow him even to enjoy the cake prepared by his team. For this reason, ended the day in advance, with the eighth time . The three days at Jerez are an important test bed for Forli, who has a chance to try the M1 on a completely different circuit than Sepang. " Last night I slept badly and I felt sick all day - he explained - are hardly the best conditions for driving, or maybe it's just because I'm older now , "he joked.

To slow it down over the physical condition also familiar with the Yamaha is not yet 100%. " And 'normal, I drove alone in a fast track, already normally get here from Malaysia is a small shock - he emphasized - even more so for me it does not yet know this bike. The first feeling is that everything is too small, even more with the horses of 1000, is only a matter of getting used to . " The main objective is to gain experience and three days in Jerez last chance before the Grand Prix of Qatar. " In a different track so they can understand a lot of things - continued Dovi - we also need more work on balance and try the new electronic ", the provision of Lorenzo and Spies in Sepang.

The M1 has two defects still to be deleted: " the tendency to soaring and pumping at the rear - said the Italian - especially the first problem it is perceived here as compared to Malaysia for the track layout . " The hope is to move forward tomorrow, weather permitting, " but if it rained we would have a chance to try this bike in the wet , would not be all bad , "Andrea said with optimism.

It does not seem worried even his "status" of a satellite team rider: " I know what that means - he said - Jorge Ben, and will take forward the development and we will have new pieces of second timing that Yamaha deems appropriate . " Dovizioso has good reason to hope that the M1 can guarantee him a season as protagonist: " I can not judge the 800 Having lived only driven one once - it was his analysis - but this year the Yamaha seems to me closer to the Honda, even though the real potential of the two bikes do not yet know anyone, have to wait, but I think that Stoner and Pedrosa have not yet put all the cards on the table . " When Andrea spoke these words, Lorenzo was leading, a few minutes later Casey gave the fatal blow: prediction spot on.

source: GP One

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