Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Financial problems in the MZ, Jonas Folger without a bike

The insolvency of a supplier with inevitable delays in the production of the scooter Emmely EL2 Hybrid have compelled the MZ , glorious German company revived in 2009 by Martin Wimmer and Ralf Waldmann (left the scene in the management company), to review programs Sport in the World Championship.

Trying to save the situation, specifically the use of 20 of the 56 MZ employees, has lost his place in the team Jonas Folger ( pictured ), winner last year at Silverstone between the 125cc, expected at the start of World Moto3 under the banner "MZ Racing Team" with a motorcycle developed, based on Honda, just by MZ.

Downgraded to "test", Jonas Folger remains under contract (you do not know until when) with MZ as the first alternate for every need of the two race drivers Alex Lundh (with an FTR Moto2) and Toni Finsterbusch (in conjunction with the Moto3 Racing Team Germany), remained on the team thanks to the personal sponsors.
The young German driver had reached an agreement with MZ in November 2011 after having played even a "competition test" in Moto2 CEV at Jerez de la Frontera. This past February, Jonas felt a Honda Moto3 of MZ in Valencia, saltanto the next official test session at Jerez, the first inkling of the budget problems of the German formation.

Currently MZ is present in an FTR Moto2 World Championship in Sweden entrusted to Alex Lundh and sponsored by Cresto Guide, while in Moto3 MZ confirmed the partnership with Racing Team Germany in the wake of Toni Finsterbusch. Jonas Folger remains, here at Losail, just over a month to find an accommodation in the Championship.


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