Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hector Faubel: "This season I want to be consistent and fair"

After participating in all displacements except in his 11 years MotoGP World Championship at Hector Faubel faces a new challenge, Moto3, the new small class of MotoGP. Hector hopes to be a protagonist in this unprecedented adventure that will start next April 8 in Tasting. The 'grandfather' of the category expected to impose their experience against a battalion of young people hungry for wins.

Where have you noticed the biggest differences between a 125 and a Moto3?

Mainly in weight. The 125 is much lighter and lively. The beauty of a four-stroke Moto3 is that you can accelerate much earlier in the output of the curves, so to speak, is a bike flatter, more docile. I think nobody expected to evolve so quickly. We have not yet reached speeds of 125 but will not be long, the concept has evolved rapidly Moto3. 

Tell us about the winter. . .

It was quite long, we have not taken a vacation because we had to shoot a lot with the Moto3. Being new has been to work hard, give every indication to achieve a rapid evolution.

How about the filming of season?

In terms of miles the preseason has been excellent, we have turned a lot. In the last test in Jerez saw that we still had to take a small step, but it sure will continue to grow in Catar to have any chance of a podium at least.

¿Wishes for 2012?

This season I pray regularly, I also hope to be fighting for the podium every race. Surely if these two conditions are met, at the end of the year we will be fighting for the title.

What more can you ask the Kalex / KTM?

All we can ask now is to improve a little entry into the corners and make a little more torque, but we're working on it. 

What about your strengths?

The main advantage of the Kalex / KTM is that you can accelerate very quickly, also engine braking helps us a lot, this makes it an easy bike ride. Having so much torque, but you cueles a bit in some curve, inertia takes you out of it without compromise.

What result will be pleased Hector Faubel at the end of the season?

I am content to continue doing things well and without errors, the result we'll see. Lying if I did not recognize that I'd be world champion.

When can think of the first victory?

It is early to think about winning a race. We walked with the bases quite clear in Jerez, but there are still things to do in Tasting. We must continue on this line and think, why not, the victory may arrive soon. 

¿Objectives for next season?

We've been in this category to fight for the title, we aim to go all out to try to get what we want.

Who can give the bell in Moto3?

The FTR / Honda rolled quickly in Jerez, but we have also been very effective during the winter, so there is no clear favorite, but rather a number of candidates. 

What is the Kalex / KTM Moto3?

One of the major strengths of this bike is its stability in both axes. We have adapted well to the Kalex / KTM, and we have defined a very productive working career, it's going to be useful for the rest of the season. 

Hector Faubel, the oldest driver in the category. . .

Yes, this year I have to be the oldest driver in the category, I hope for good. In the World Championship which is the regular premium, I use my experience to be a constant and regular pilot. Over the years I learned to temper my nerves, a factor in the face of racing.

How do you feel Hector Faubel in the Aspar Team?

'Aspar' is more like a family to me, I have spent much time on your computer, my greatest accomplishments have come with him. I understand the Aspar team as my circle of friends, the people who help me and always makes me go further.

source: motocuatro

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