Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lorenzo races with fans

The Yamaha Factory Racing rider caught up with at the official Jorge Lorenzo fan club off road race held at Montmelo last Saturday to discuss his preparations for the 2012 MotoGP™ season.

Between photographs with fans, riding and handing out trophies to the final race winners at the official fan club event at the off road circuit on the Circuito de Catalunya grounds, Jorge Lorenzo took time out to talk with about the event as well as the quickly approaching MotoGP season.

"This is the first time we made a fan club race with bikes, last year and in 2010 we did a kart race and a fan club dinner. Today there are about 200 people here and 50 people who are racing bikes, and those who reach the final will race with me," said the 2010 World Champion about the special event, which allowed fan club members the opportunity to race alongside their hero, though the Spaniard let his fans take home all the trophies. "The important thing is to have fun with my fans and to ride together." The day ended with a barbeque where Lorenzo visited with fans.

Looking ahead to MotoGP season, the rider from Mallorca indicated that the new 1000cc bike will be a strong contender. "The M1 is very competitive this year, much more than the 800. Last year we reached the top of the bike’s performance and couldn’t improve it much more, but with the 1000, the possibilities are greater and we can improve the bike much more."

The increased engine capacity has made the bike heavier, requiring more strength and a change in riding style, for which the 2011 runner-up champion has adjusted his physical training over the winter.

"I trained a bit harder physically this winter. I run in the mountains a lot and do more or less 10 to 12 kilometers, plus lots of weights and stretching." But while the larger engine size requires more strength, he hasn’t noticed the additional 4kg from the first prototype he rode at the Valencia test at the end of last season, saying: "Fortunately, it feels more or less the same."

Lorenzo and his team have a clear plan on what they need to work on at the final test in Jerez in two weeks, after two successful tests at Sepang where he finished second and fourth. "Now we have to focus on the electronics, because at the apex of the corner when I open the throttle, the bike is a little bit unstable. So we need to improve the electronics to help with the stability on acceleration. That will help up make up a lot of time."

Regarding his predictions for what the season ahead will hold for him, Lorenzo offered: "A lot of suffering and a lot of stress as always! Because this MotoGP, the best motorcycle racing in the world, so the level is really high and you are always at the limit. But we have many options this year so I am excited to start."

source: MotoGP Official

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