Sunday, March 25, 2012

MotoGP: A tire that may be worth a title

One of the major workhorses are the tires in MotoGP, we all remember the wars Michelin-Bridgestone and even the most veteran of Michelin-Dunlop in the 500cc World.

This escalation of competition had its peak in the last stage of Michelin in MotoGP, when the French factory was capable of producing special tires tailored to riders and bikes from one day to another and transfer by plane to the circuit touched. All this ended with the single tire rule and the entry of Bridgestone as sole supplier.

But after numerous complaints from drivers last season, mostly due to tires which cost them to take temperature and produced numerous falls, Dorna not take sides willing to tolerate the tires could jeopardize the integrity of the pilots and between other measures, he joined the newly retired Loris Capirossi, to do a bridge between manufacturers and drivers to improve the situation.

Now Capirossi, who've been very active in Jerez, with his trusty folder always asking the pilots about the behavior of the tires, has a difficult ballot, in Sepang Bridgestone brought two new front tires to evaluate, marked with code 21 and 22 that the pilots tested in Malaysia and now in Jerez, and here begins the problem ... Casey Stoner, now exulting in his best time and happy with the performance of his Honda, was delighted with the tire type 22, which says "It's great when braking and cornering stick, "adding" the other I do not like, is very unstable ", making clear that more expensive does not want to hear about it.

On the other hand, Jorge Lorenzo commented, "In Sepang Bridgestone brought two types of front tires, the 21 is better than the standard and I hope that's the we use the rest of the season." But when he said that was precisely 22 and not the preferred resounding Stoner said: "If Casey does not like the 21 I like 21 and I think most pilots as well."

Stoner and his peculiar way of flying, something that was unceremoniously squeezed when the Ducati, which only he knew how to take their potential, rather something that most pilots do not convince, the dilemma is served, he is the World Champion Will your favorite tire or else will have to submit to the demands of the majority? Recall that the range of tires manufactured by Bridgestone is limited and will not produce them on demand. The answer will in Qatar.

source: motocuatro

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