Monday, March 12, 2012

No News of Rins or Marquez

Behind closed doors and no statement, and the team has settled his first training Marc Marquez after 18 weeks off, nearly 140 days because the fans on tenterhooks for this serious eye injury. No news for Marc, nor Moto3 pilots, who also trained today in Albacete with the reappearance of the injured Alex Rins CEV Champion 2011 and star of the new team in Moto3 Monlau.

The secrecy, an absolute right of the team that coordinates Emilio Alzamora, is not, however, an elegant detail to the thousands and thousands of fans who, day in and day out, through social networks have been interested and wished a speedy Marquez recovery.

As we discussed from Albacete, Marc has come to track mid-morning and rode smoothly, completing a number of turns. What should be a sign that all is well, things are going well. Marc has, today, a full month before the first race of the season, which, they say, come in great shape and ready to fight for victory. Tomorrow, the second day of testing and, certainly, with photos and press release. We will wait patiently, we have done 140 days will not come from one more.

source: Motocuatro

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