Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pol Espargaró and Tito Rabat in the top ten in Jerez

Pol Espargaró has achieved the fourth best time on the first day of practice IRTA Moto2 which take place in Jerez de la Frontera and being the last before the start of the World Championship, which has helped him become the first Spanish. Tito Rabat has achieved eighth place and Axel Pons the 25th, a day marked by sunshine and spring temperatures in Andalusia.

Pol Espargaró, member of 40 HP Tuenti Pons, has fallen to 10 thousandths of third place and three-tenths of first, Thomas Luthi, and being one of the four pilots shot in 1.42. The best lap of Polyccio has achieved in the morning round, closed with the third place after going down gradually and records remain constant among the best.

Tito Rabat has always moved in the 'Top 5', to yield three positions in the final minutes of the afternoon session, having completed the maximum allowable turns. In the end it stopped the clock at 1.43.3, just over four tenths of a teammate. And Axel Pons, who has struggled to catch the rhythm, the end has made a best lap of 1.44.5, a? $ Ban with enough room for improvement.

Pol Espargaró: "I am with the front but I have not finished the first day of training too happy, especially because he hoped to shoot a little faster. In the morning we have been testing a new clutch cost me find the point, and the tires were not as in the last test. At that time the track was cold today, with the track five degrees warmer, I lacked grip. We made ​​a change and have begun to improve, rolling pace in scoring a 1.43 and 1.42. In the afternoon we could prove little, since the engine could not give more than 56 laps. Tomorrow I hope to improve and most of the time, see me regularly by 1.42, giving us a moral in the face of the first race in Tasting. "

Tito Rabat: "I started the day strong and rolling with great consistency, then getting the final training time in this circuit. I think the evening could have downloaded the records, but I have run out of laps, was limited to 56, and I could not go to court when I have passed three riders. I am happy and am convinced that we can continue to be fast and be very close to the head, because the whole team is working hard and well and we clear the way forward. "

Axel Pons: "It was a day very productive but I'm not happy. We started with setting up the bike the last training session held in Jerez, but it took me quite pick up the pace and roll over short periods. I still have enough problems in the fast corners and despite follow Pol and Tito occasionally fail to follow the racing line and fix them good. I lose almost all the time in two or three corners and tomorrow will continue to work hard to get closer Tasting the best. "

source: Motocuatro

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