Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stoner: "The 'chatter' does not affect the speed, just 'feeling with the bike"

Casey Stoner will return tomorrow to track the pre-season official test in Jerez IRTA labeled clear favorite MotoGP world title, which won last year. The Australian, who has recently been father, and was fastest in testing at Sepang and now wants to endorse that feeling of driver to beat in the tests that start tomorrow in Andalusia.

Today, in the Motorcycling magazine, our beloved Joseph G. Maroto publishes an excellent and interesting interview with the Honda Pilot which is reproduced below and you can read, too, on the website of the magazine .

How's your new life as a parent?

Now I know what it feels like most people when they have to leave their children at home every weekend. It throws you so much ... It's hard to explain, if you are hungry or angry I put it on my chest I fall back to sleep or stay calm, there is something very special in this. Just having her beside me and be able to treat you at any time of day makes you feel important and good for something. The truth is that it is very good, sleeps well and hardly cries. It has methods to let us know if you're hungry or have done their stuff. For now it is like a dream, maybe things will change when he gets older, but for now everything is perfect. Get up every morning and see something really special and I'm sure any parent would not trade this for anything

And speaking of Sepang. How did things go?

All is well, although there are some things that should work. Given the problems we have to remain competitive is a good thing, I have so much fun riding this bike and I hope to continue. I love to say that the bike is ready, but always leave room for improvement. The "feeling" with the bike is pretty good, but we have some points where we want to improve. If we can do before the first race will be fantastic. "

Yamaha has started very well. Are they close?

Each year we have the same discussion, but quite frankly, this year I think we started fairly even with respect to the Honda and Yamaha. As always we have our strengths and they theirs. Perhaps we have a weak point where we clearly need to improve significantly. If we can solve it we may be one step ahead, but right now I think there are not many differences. "

Is that weak point is the 'chatter'? Have you improved somewhat in recent workouts?

Nothing. We continue with the same chassis but depending on what we see is new or not. We have some things to try to change the stiffness and move the 4 kilos in weight to try to remove the frequency that causes the "chatter". No sense in making a new chassis until we have tried all the options we have now and if does not work go in another direction. The truth is that we had "chatter" from the first day we set up these new tires and tried to reduce it, but still too much. In the next test we have to work hard to decrease. In Sepang we have tried several things, like make the bike shorter, but nothing seems to be the solution. Overall chassis balance is very good, just need to stop the "chatter". But if all this time we have not advanced anything, do not trust enough that we do ... Unfortunately I think we have to run with "chatter". Remain competitive is very positive and although it bothers me that we can not get rid of "chatter", I am concerned that we are fast. The only thing that worries me is the "feeling" with the bike.

And a new chassis would not be the solution?

Not necessarily. It's very small, we can try moving the weight distribution. I wanted to test in Sepang, but we had no time to lose a day. To see what happens in Jerez.

How much faster could you go without "chatter"?

Surely a few tenths, but would not say it's something remaining rate is more a matter of "feeling". That's what gives me more afraid, because when we get to circuits where we do not have a "feeling" perfect with the front the "chatter" will do even worse. You can drive to "chatter" but this is how I feel, that's the problem. "

Is it also more tired when you complete the race distance?

No, I would not say that because you have less tire more grip with the "chatter", so it is even a little less tired. With the "chattering" can not do too much, once you start and try to turn the bike is not to increase, and not just start up out of the corner.

Why did not you do a long run?

I never do drills, do not need. I do not provide any information. Before when there was a war of tire manufacturers had to make to know the duration and so on, but now we all have the same tires and I do not see much sense. If we were to do a dry run to check things such as consumption, we will, but right now we do not. I prefer to make short runs with changes to the bike for information.

Ducati started well, but the second visit to Sepang not. Are you surprised?

Getting what you want from the bike after you have completely changed would be like a miracle. They've changed the chassis and if they have not achieved what I wanted immediately not taking a big leap in the next test. But Barbera has been doing pretty good times with the previous bike ... I dunno, it's hard to know where they are really because as I said, Hector has been the fastest Ducati in the last test, Nicky still recovering from shoulder ... There are several issues that still are not clear but I think Ducati has the resources to be competitive, but may need a little more time.

Will he be your biggest rival Lorenzo?

I think we can ensure that Jorge will be ahead, but Dani. And if Valentino Rossi was on a bike that would also be comfortable top, so I hope they improve. But we will be the same usual suspects that we are ahead and we may have some surprises. The race simulation Jorge has been steady, but still far from what we can do. When I did my best lap the track was at 52 degrees, the highest of the day, and had 19 liters in the tank ... So I'm happy. In the evening could have gone much faster, but we had finished the job and had no reason to exit, make a stupid mistake and go home in one piece. I save it for when the season starts.

source: motocuatro

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