Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ezpeleta: 15 million euros for a MotoGP team

Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta wants to see each MotoGP team limited to a budget of 15 million euros per season - less than half the amount being spent by reigning world champion's Honda.

During an interview with AS, Ezpeleta said: "The cap per team I'd like is 15 million, excluding the salaries of riders and marketing." 

This would be achieved through "technical regulations that disproportionately punish [expensive] bike development”.

Such regulations would include the proposed 'restriction' of each factory to no more than two official and two satellite bikes (the present level), enforcement of the previously revealed target of 1 million euros maximum for a customer bike (satellite or CRT) and the planned move to a single bike per rider.

“What cannot be is that Honda now spends 40 million euros in its official team every year,” Ezpeleta added.

The Spaniard also stated that BMW intends to join MotoGP if the costs of creating a competitive project are more affordable.

The end of May has been targeted as the deadline for agreement on the post 2012 MotoGP rule changes, designed to heavily reduce costs - and improve the show - without driving out the three remaining manufacturers (Honda, Yamaha and Ducati).


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