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Lorenzo: "Being first was not the goal, we will not know until Sunday where each one"

Jorge Lorenzo Losail 2012

Jorge Lorenzo set the fastest lap in free practice for the third Grand Prix of Qatar, a track that seems unbeatable Casey Stoner, a theory that is preserved Spanish is working well to try to change it. Yes, the Yamaha has set his best lap on soft tires, while Casey, who used them in the other two sessions, was shot in the third off with hard rubber.

"I'm happy, yes, I see in his face. We are almost always first or second, with a very strong pace and see the standings, with second and Stoner Crutchlov is near, still going very fast at the beginning of the session went very quickly, but in comparison to last year we much better and everything seems to look good. "

Jorge scored on Thursday, as key to have options to win, be close to or even overtake Stoner in any practice session. The script is being met. "It was a major goal now finish first, but had to try the soft tire tomorrow (used in qualifying) to see if the bike improved a lot or not, what we have and we have improved and we first seven tenths. But as I said it was not the goal. Tomorrow I will be remembered in 54/2. I think the race tire will be hard as the soft can give five or six times faster, but then you lose. "

About the fact that Stoner has not mounted soft in the third train, said that "can not mount at all sessions soft, you have to save yourself the tires. I rode in the first two workouts, which I made with hard, and tonight I have assembled for testing. "

The truth is that seeing three Yamaha in the top four further strengthens confidence in the bike. "Absolutely. We saw a couple of years with Ducati's Casey, who was the only one with that bike I was able to go ahead, an out of class, going very fast and above all other Ducati were far behind. But to have three or four Yamaha front means that the bike is going well. "

"So far we are very close, both Casey and I are the ones we have better rhythm, but I say that I have five or six laps in a row, I have given more, and the race are twenty-something, so until we do the race will not know where everyone is, "said the Spaniard.

Jorge was asked about Valentino Rossi and also by the fact that Hector Barbera has been much faster than the Italian, both with Ducati. "Well ... Barbera is hooked to my wheel, specializes in this type of maneuver, which is doing very well and has made a very quick lap early in the round, then his time has not improved but has earned to be there in front of Valentino. But Rossi is a racing driver and the race will certainly be ahead, but in workouts Hector is doing well. "

On the CRT, which are much slower ... "has bothered me in the first round a pulling, which was faster than the fast I have done, I think it was 55.1, but I found Ellison and I had to abort ".

Still, George is keeping his feet on the ground. On Thursday he signed the second for this race, "the second, and third or the fourth, if the circumstances are not favorable we must finish the race as the post and we can."

About the chattering affecting other drivers ... "we too are suffering, as we are going faster we are chattering at the rear wheel, and also the first slow wave in the front wheel when the brakes much effort. We're having enough trouble with the rear wheel. "

source: motocuatro

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