Saturday, April 7, 2012

Significant Improvement from Aspar Rider

Randy DePuniet Losail 2012

Both Randy De Puniet and Aleix Espargaró scratch more than a second and a half time of the opening session, and we look with optimism on the day of qualifying

Today was the opening shift MotoGP action at the Losail circuit, and have also been the premier class riders who have enjoyed two training sessions in preparation for the Grand Prix race Tasting. Although a batch to the other almost all the drivers have improved markedly their records, the truth is to be released today by the wind, or lack of grip on the asphalt, times yet to come to the roofs of Losail (return of the pole , Stoner 1.54.137 - best lap, Lorenzo 1.53.927). So far the new 1000cc prototype will have to continue rolling to match records obsolete 800cc. Although the end of the second shift Crutchlow has dared at times to sneak in the top of the table, so far the round Cathari is a duel between Lorenzo and Stoner for the best time. Stoner was quickest yesterday, and Lorenzo tonight.

Everything and the conditions were not the best because the Losail continued slippery asphalt, and the wind has been more of a tight spot, POWER ELECTRONICS Aspar riders have continued to improve today. In the first session this afternoon and have lowered their records regarding the opening day of this event Catari, and at the last meeting have returned to lower the clock. Randy De Puniet remains committed to being the best pilot CRT, and squints and motorcycle officers, meanwhile, Aleix Espargaró, has spent all day looking for improvements to the problems of rebounds that appeared yesterday. De Puniet has slipped in turn seven, near the end of the second round and has gone down, a situation that has prevented completion of the thirteenth fastest time, three seconds back, or keep you from work tomorrow for the final formal meeting. Aleix Espargaró has solved many of its drawbacks, and on the penultimate lap of the last trial sealed his best-1.59.169-day to leave the path catarí with the 17th best result.

Randy De Puniet 13 º 1.58.261 (31 laps): "Today we continue to improve in the two working sessions, progress has been made, but still I have the feeling I want. I feel that the track does not have much grip, so today it took me quite evolve. We worked mainly with the hardness of the suspension. With a soft ring configuration secure but slow, hard setting that makes me better times, but I have to drive carefully because she lacks confidence in cornering. At the end of the last turn I lost the bike in front at turn seven, and I have gone down, luckily it was nothing. Tomorrow will be further investigated to achieve a configuration that allows me to quickly turn minimizing risk. Despite the fall I am pleased that we are shooting well, and I know we can still get better results. "

17 º Aleix Espargaró 1.59.169 (27 laps): "We have improved a bit the feeling from the first day, but the result is still far from our purpose. We have worked very hard in both sessions of the second day, and fortunately have been able to correct the bounce we had yesterday. We are in the right way because we are improving, there is now the focus for developments that are greater every day. We need to look more grip in fast areas, today we have taken a step forward, but we can not stop here. Thought to be in more advanced positions, in any case it is a distance race, we must continue working and I'm sure we will improve gradually. If tomorrow we take a step as positive as today, may I be ready to face the race. "

Aspar Press Release

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