Thursday, August 5, 2010

Crutchlow Wants MotoGP ASAP

A 24 years old Yamaha's rider Cal Crutchlow want to move to motogp in 2011. After his two race wins at Silverstone, Cal Crutchlow has revealed that he wants to head to MotoGP as soon as possible

He said that he doesn't want to waste his time. The Brit rider added: “I want to go to MotoGP, right away. They’ve told me that in Tech3 there may be a free spot or two and if they call me I’m going because I’m 24 and I can’t waste any time. I have to learn the MotoGP bikes, the GP circuits and I can’t spend another year in Superbikes.”

This statement was quoted after motosprint ask Crutchlow that Yamaha Superbike team wanted to keep him at all costs.

“You say so? I don’t think so. Lawrence Koerkamp (Racing Manager, Yamaha Motor Europe) just today he made me a ridiculous offer. Ask him if it isn’t true and even if they offered me more I don’t want to stay in Superbikes.”

Although Crutchlow is the candidate to win WSBK this season, Crutchlow matter of factly said: “Yeah, sure. Or I could break my leg in the first race, lose the rest of the season and have to start everything over again and stay in Superbikes for the next ten years.”

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