Thursday, October 7, 2010

MotoGP 2010 Winner Calculation


There are only 2 riders who can win this 2010 MotoGP. Jorge Lorenzo as the leader and Dani Pedrosa who's on 2nd place. Lorenzo leads 69 points ahead Pedrosa. Now lets calculate, who will win this 2010 MotoGP season.

If Pedrosa can race this weekend at Sepang, Pedrosa still have 4 races to get more points. And if Pedrosa also wins all the rest races, Pedrosa will get more 100 points. With this scenario, Lorenzo needs 31 points from 4 races to win the 2010 title. The other scenario, if Pedrosa cannot ride at Sepang this weekend, Pedrosa only can get 75 points. It means, Lorenzo only need 6 points to be a champion.

To get 6 points, Lorenzo only need to finished at 10th place. Lorenzo's worst result until last race at Motegi was on 4th place.

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