Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pedrosa Ready For Sepang MotoGP

According to TVE, Dani Pedrosa will try to fight at Sepang MotoGP this weekend. This rumors was release after Dr Mir, lead Doctor for Pedrosa's surgery, made a green light signal for Pedrosa to race again at Sepang. Latest information said that this HRC rider will catch a flight from Barcelona to Kuala Lumpur for MotoGP. 

After a successful surgery, Pedrosa still cannot move his arm. But there was a good improvement after physiotherapy. 
"My condition has improved in the last two days, and now I'm making a passive recovery with my physiotherapist. Yet I can not move my arm for myself, but I'm getting better with massage," said Pedrosa after spending review Dexeus clinic, where he underwent surgery last Saturday by Dr. Xavier Mir.

Pedrosa was not optimistic will race at Sepang. His first target was Phillip Island. But after his condition getting better in last two days, Pedrosa said that he still have a chance for Sepang MotoGP this weekend. Maybe he will miss the Free Practice on next Friday but still try for the Sunday's race.

The main problem for Pedrosa is his shoulder. After Dr. Mir attached the titanium plate for his collarbone, he has to make sure that the plate were perfectly attached on Pedrosa's. However, left open a door to hope: "I just did Another review and Clearly That the clavicle shows plate is attached and Securely That I am Recovering well from the operation."

Now we all waiting for Pedrosa, is he ready for Sepang next Sunday? If Pedrosa ready, Lorenzo must be aware and keep an eye to this Spaniard HRC rider.

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