Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Capcom MotoGP 2010/2011 Will Release On March 2012

Capcom will release new series of MotoGP 2010/2011 on next March. This game is claimed as "the most authentic and realistic MotoGP experience". This sports game series is still on development now for Xbox 360 and Playstation. 

An all new handling system, improved physics and brand new customisable player assists feature will deliver a level of authenticity never seen before in the MotoGP series. Additionally, ‘Career’ mode will be complimented with the addition of brand new co-op play. Through local splitscreen gameplay a second player can jump into the race and become a team mate, helping to take your team to pole position. The classic ‘Championship’ and ‘Time Trial’ modes are back along with a revised ‘Challenge’ mode.

As with MotoGP 09/10, MotoGP 10/11 will continue to offer the most robust online mode in a racing title, allowing up to 20 players to compete in a Championship race.

Source: MotoGP Official Website

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