Wednesday, April 27, 2011

John Hopkins Will Not Race On Estoril

John Hopkins

John Hopkins will not race on Estoril this weekend. This American rider was unable to ride because he ride on British Superbike with Samsung Suzuki. Suzuki's Paul Denning told that Nobuatsu Aoki is ready to replace Alvaro Bautista, in case Baustista cannot ride.

"We are just not in the business of letting a lot of people down and a large number of people have come on board as part of the Crescent BSB team based on John’s involvement."

"John did a brilliant job in Jerez to prove his own ability, but to be in a championship over the course of a year to show his strength and consistency and to compete in a fist fight that BSB is, that is just as important for his future career."

"We’re just not willing to break agreements basically. To pull John out of a BSB round to be at Estoril when he might not even ride the bike just doesn’t make any sense. Nobuatsu will be in Estoril for the whole weekend because he is testing on Monday, so if we need him he will be there."

Nobuatsu Aoki is Suzuki's test and development rider.

source: MCN

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