Sunday, May 1, 2011

Valentino Rossi Upset About The Position

Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi start from 3rd row on Estoril today. Commenting about the starting grid, Rossi told that he's very upset, because the target is on the second row. This is not the first time Valentino Rossi start from 3rd row. 

"I am very upset today and especially about the position because our target was to fight for the second row, around fifth or sixth place and we had the potential yesterday."

"But today I wasn’t able to ride in a better way and I had a problem with the front. So when I tried to push more I was too much at the limit with the front part of the bike. So more or less the problem remains the same and I can’t make any better unfortunately."

"For tomorrow it will be another difficult race starting from the third row. At the end we modified the setting and I improved the feeling and also the lap time but it is still not enough. We need to make another step like this to get a good result."

Rossi refused to blame damp patches that failed to dry during the entire day for his slump down the order and he said: "The track was a bit worse because yesterday it had better grip. Today it rained and it was half and half and we suffered too much with the front. We made a modification to the front and I improve but not enough. I expected to go into the 37s and be on the second row, but no way."

source: MCN

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