Saturday, August 27, 2011

Simoncelli and Aoyama search for grip at Indianapolis

Marco Simoncelli who has plenty of work to do along with his team in the quest for front grip. With plenty of traction on the rear, it is an interesting conundrum for the telemetry engineers to figure out alongside their counterparts from Bridgestone, who will be working hard this evening to put Marco in a stronger position tomorrow. Hiroshi Aoyama encountered similar problems today, but both riders are confident for a different outcome tomorrow.

Marco Simoncelli: 
“It hasn't been a particularly happy first day here. The new track surface at Indianapolis has given us some grip issues – there wasn't any this morning and maybe a little too much this afternoon. After four or five laps of the opening session the left hand side of the front tyre at full lean was completely gone, so I couldn't ride the bike as I wanted to. Now along with my technicians and the guys from Bridgestone we will sit down and try to work the problem out. It could be partly to do with my riding style or maybe down to the set-up, in particular the weight distribution.”

Hiroshi Aoyama: 
“The new track surface created very unusual conditions. We tried to modify the set-up after this morning's session and found a slight improvement. It’s clearly still not as good as it could be, so we will try and improve it tomorrow - and above all find more grip.”

San Carlo Honda Gresini press release.

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