Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ducati not consistent enough, admits technical boss

Ducati technical guru Filippo Preziosi has admitted one of his main future targets is to deliver a bike capable of running a more consistent pace to Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden.

Rossi will evaluate an aluminium frame in Mugello later this week on the GP12 1000cc machine as the Bologna factory desperately tries to close the gap to rivals Honda and Yamaha.

But Preziosi said the focus for future development was to roll out a bike that could maintain consistently fast lap times.

Preziosi said: "In the Indy warm-up Nicky did a lap 0.3s from first and that was a good sign because it means the bike can do it. But the problem is that it was just one lap and the other lap was 1.2s slower, so it means that we have to work in order to give something to our rider that allows them to push the bike to the limit every lap.

"If the limit is 100 per cent then you have to stay at 99.9 because if you’re at 99 you’re one per cent lower and that is one second. So we have to build something that allows the rider to be consistently and safely closer to the limit. Maybe the main problem of our bike is not the limit but it is to give the rider the right feedback."

source: MCN

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