Thursday, September 8, 2011

Martinez Aspar wants two Ducati MotoGP and Kalex Moto2 in 2012 and Moto3

"Two for Ducati in MotoGP, two and two Moto3 Moto2. If I can run with the Kalex in the intermediate category, enter into a contract for them in Moto3, for the drivers we will see later. The only rider with a contract for the Moto2 Terol, which should assist Simon in MotoGP we are negotiating with Dovizioso, Bautista and Barbera. I'd like to Moto3 Viñales, which is deciding whether to continue with his team or go with us. Other names that we are analyzing Kent, Folger and Faubel "
In these few lines, Jorge Martinez Aspar illustrates what are the plans for next season, a parade of names that a team manager so busy in all categories must be able to administer. The bikes are a Kalex goals for 2012, but will not be easy to have the granting of the motion by the manufacturer.
The Kalex was born as a collaboration between the company and the team of Sito Pons , who initially had the exclusive on these prototypes. With the increasing demand it was decided to collaborate with the other teams, but the team Aspar sworn enemy of fellow Pons Racing, which last year prevented the pilots test of Martinez with their bikes.
Meanwhile negotiations are continuing and will continue working with Suter. If it does not reach an agreement with Kalex, will decide whether to continue with the manufacturer or go to the Helvetic RDF, and the choice would fall on Moto3 for KTM. In addition to contractual wrangling, Martinez will give another chance this year to Elena Rosell who will run the next Grand Prix as a wild card in Aragon Moto2.


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