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Lorenzo: "I have lost 1, but I'm better pilot"

The 2011 World Cup has dropped the curtain and Jorge Lorenzo leaves the number 1 for which had struggled since childhood. An outcome that has involved much suffering, both personally, for the serious injury to the GP of Australia, as well as shared, by the fatal accident Marco Simoncelli in Malaysia. Jorge A drama that he lived at a distance, through the TV, and it profoundly. Now the Spaniard faces the imminent future, to a championship that begins the era of 1,000 cc.

It is being rehabilitated and although he missed the Valencia test sounds like it will be ready for that start Jan. 31 in Sepang How are you now?

The first few weeks after the accident I had a hard time accepting the situation, especially since there is a very nice visual damage. But I know it could be worse if instead of the finger had me hooked his hand on the handlebars. Mentally and physically I am much better and all goes well.

Says Alex Crivillé, from experience, that injuries are the fingers of the left very touched morally pilots ¿

It's true. When I fell in Phillip Island I thought that I had not done anything. Then, get up, I began to hurt the middle finger, was a scratch no more important, one of many but what suddenly to take off my glove I saw that I was missing a piece of finger, I came across the bone and bleeding profusely . I was shocked, shocked me very much. Only succeeded in repeating, 'Oh My God, but in English. I do not know why.

This season there have been many drivers who have been severely damaged fingers Do not you attention?

Do not think there were more injuries of this type in the past. The brands that we are equipped to investigate new materials to improve this aspect, but it is clear that the glove is the most sensitive part of our clothing, which is less protected, because pilots need a lot of flexibility in the fingers.

Stoner was a nice touch with you in Australia What

It was the only one who came to the clinic to inquire about my health. A gesture that honors him. It also was startled to see my finger, he knows that can happen to him can happen to any of us Is it true that Casey is very good relationship. I congratulated him on his title, because he has deserved it more than anyone this year.

It was a shame that he could not ride the bike at the close of the World Cup at Valencia, although it was in the circuit. What did you think that watching a grand prix from the sidelines?

Well, I felt the whole weekend as a politician, all the while signing autographs, making photos with people, making statements And unable to run. I would have preferred to say goodbye to the fans at the track but it was also important to attend the tribute to Simoncelli, I think he would have liked.

It was very emotional ¿

Strong, strong and very meaningless because Marco was a very important MotoGP rider, a star of the class and people liked him a lot.

Remember that thought when he saw the fall of Simoncelli?

That day I was with my mother, who had come to my house to take care of Barcelona. We were both glued to the TV, hoping that the end was not anything serious had happened, despite what the hull. Then, as the seconds passed and he moved knew there would be bad news Do


Is it true that bothered him much to transcend the media his dedication to Marcus Coriano's funeral?

Yes. I had never signed a book of this kind and never thought that could be made public what I wrote, but in this world in the end it know Do

In any case it was a message reflected his regret for having been the most combative style drive against Simoncelli What do you say your heart?

When these things happen that you realize how important life is and the rest is secondary. Arguments, fights, even the competition is secondary. The most important thing we have is life and when one partner loses it's terrible. It tasted really bad to have had many disagreements with Marco. Maybe if we talk more coolly, in private and not in front of the cameras, we had arranged. But it's too late and complaining does not make sense.

Have you assimilate side that has lost the No. 1?

No. Since childhood I have been taught that one should do what you can do and no more. And with what you should try apañarte, make the most of. I learned when I was in Derby and in the following brands in which I was. What happens is that in 2008, 2009 and 2010 had a very competitive bike, a bike that gain everything practically titles pilots, builders and equipment for three consecutive years that what you spoiled. Then when you get to a bike that is not so competitive trying to do the same and take more risks. Yet this year I have not made too many mistakes, Silverstone and the Phillip Island course, but apart from that I think I've become a more complete driver than last year, I am a better pilot, despite the result has been worse.

That is, the machine has failed, not man ¿

Is a set and is hard to gauge that is partly to blame each. This season, for example, had four Hondas and has known about the best performance was Stoner and Pedrosa, Dovizioso or Marco. Influence means that the bike, but still influences the current rider rider a little more, though that is starting to balance.

With hindsight, Lorenzo, Rossi society was not so bad. The two have fared worse since they broke ¿

That is, we would Superbia together! Seriously, the truth is that Honda has taken a big step this year and Yamaha, not so much. Otherwise, I and Ben (Spies) have won more races and ultimately the combination would have been more or less the same as with Valentino on the computer.

Pedrosa always suspicious of you, from his battles in the lower grades, but in the end it seems that they may end up eclipsing Dani's Marc Marquez.

He says many people but I'm not so sure about that. Pedrosa is a great driver and has been very fast in seasons where there were competing very, very strong. And has won many races over the years. Marquez has done an incredible season. Moto2 is a difficult category because there are 40 drivers on track, but I'm not leading rivals in the category are as good as he had before. With all due respect for opponents Marc has had this year, is not the same what to expect when he takes on the greats of MotoGP.

Do you think that Marquez has done well to stay one more season in Moto2?

I think that it would have done well in MotoGP next season, but let's see what happens when you actually go up in weight. If you are going to be faster than Dani and the other or not. Time to time.

From the perspective of a factory driver how do you assess the arrival of the CRT to the premier class grid? Do you think you can equate a regulation that the MotoGP in 2013 to Carmelo Ezpeleta as claimed?

Obviously for people to enjoy the show need not reach the bikes 360 km / h on the straight, as the new 1,000. Before, when the bikes were at 280 had the same show, if not more. In Moto2 see incredible careers, although for me there are too many drivers on the grid. I think the introduction of the CRT can be a good idea for the championship, very inteserante, but you have to find a compromise between similar performance bikes that are not too expensive and also to provide opportunities for brands to follow evolving and making increasingly secure bikes. And that can only be achieved if there is competition.

What do you think of the new Moto3?

Are the immediate future. It's time for Q4, but not for long because then came the electric motorcycle. In 125 the bikes were very difficult and very sensitive, so the pilots learned much more from the category now, but if Dorna has decided to take this step is because it is more convenient.

Finally, back-sporting issues, you and your father have maintained a tough debate over social networks in recent times. Went on to say on his twitter that he was ashamed of the statements about the tragedy of Chicho Simoncelli. Are you uncomfortable talking about this?

Not at all. It is a matter that I have very clear. My father is my father and without him and my mother I would not be here, so like all children of the world will defend to death whenever someone tries to touch him. But I do not share their way of doing or saying certain things, especially at the media. He should be aware that if I were not MotoGP champion would interview he did not. You should understand that I can even say it affects my image. Is a wonderful coach and I'm here motorcycles for him, but do not agree with your comments to the press.


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