Friday, November 18, 2011

Poor weather affects second day at Valencia

The second day of the private Test at Valencia on Thursday was affected by poor weather, as the Moto2 teams present saw their planned schedules disrupted by rain. In stark contrast to the opening day on Wednesday, when the sun allowed a productive day for all present, day two was largely spent sitting it out in the boxes as riders waited for an improvement in conditions.

By midday Scott Redding and Alessandro Andreozzi were amongst the few who had ventured out, but the majority opted to wait for the final day of the Test on Friday to see if things improve.

Nico Terol, who made his Moto2 debut the previous day on the Suter of the Mapfre Aspar team, saw nothing to be gained from riding in the wet and stayed under cover.

On the other side of the Aspar garage Toni ElĂ­as took advantage of the team's invitation to test their Suter machine, heading out for a few laps in the afternoon.

source: motogp official

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