Saturday, January 14, 2012

The cuts come to the Spanish Grand Prix

"Not that we are going to say that the Autonomous Communities are organizing the grand prize. Are we going to be us who say they will not be able to be. " So they spent the boss Carmelo Ezpeleta. The Autonomous Communities, which are running with most of the spending of the organization of the four great prizes to be held in Spain: Jerez (Andalusia), Catalonia, Aragon and Valencia, are with the water to the neck, cutting costs all games and crunching numbers to meet the payroll of its employees. 

The first voices and have rushed to announce that this or that community organizing give up the race of the day and Ezpeleta, who is in charge, but also must to face when presented the income statement at the end of the year, was quick to make clear that they will not wait can not pay, which has a tail at the door of countries and circuits, such as New Delhi, for example, that go crazy for organizing races and for whom money is no problem. 

I feel good that Dorna, the company that manages the world does not want to risk Jerez, Catalunya, Arag√≥n and Valencia can not pay and leave I take the calendar, when new circuits, shiny and ready to take over. And with the money on the table. 

I understand, also, that, seen from outside our borders, the fact that there are four grands prix in Spain, five in the Iberian Peninsula if you count the Estoril is a fact that grates, that the world becomes a little too domestic and global nature remaining to an event which, as its name suggests, is global warming. 
So if one of our tours really closes the blinds not to tear the garments, and less if to benefit its own economy of the Autonomous Region so decided, and to usher in a new country like India, Brazil and Argentina, which will in 2013. 

But beware. Neither the phrase Carmelo Ezpeleta was lucky, and climate is being created in the media, especially the media who have no great prize, is in favor of the organizers strive to maintain their careers. 

I mean. If Ezpeleta release before the 'VIP' and press 'grateful' in Madonna di Campiglio has glue on the door and is not being erased Spanish grand prix, but Dorna will be one to tell them thanks for everything and bye, and we add that the public opinion, media action installs the feeling that fail to organize a Grand Prix is not only negative, but a great example for when they run and it's the best thing to do for the common good and the ailing economy and, above all, of the autonomous communities, the result may be that, at one stroke, the regional governments the opportunity to think bald and paint it closing the booth and over, applauded ... 
Perfect, four races at home are many, but be careful that we not be at once without any. The Spanish fans to the races is unparalleled on the planet and that is the work of the pilots and the world, but above all for the illusion that generates thousands and thousands of fans to go, once, a career ... something that will be impossible if distant countries in the future take over from the Spanish Grand Prix. 

And if someone does not know what I speak, you step off the pedestal and a tour of the sites and social networks, which can be felt, really, the feeling of amateur street, which is the one who pays the entry. 

source: motocuatro

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