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Sito Pons: "Pol, Tito and Axel are prepared for challenges and work as the most"

Sito Pons first formed a team with three riders Pol Espargaró, Tito Rabat and Axel Pons and created a technical structure to fight for the world title in Moto2. The 250cc double world champion is confident of what to expect HP to 40 animations in 2012.

How would you describe your team for 2012, the first time in its history with three drivers? 
We have a team that starts with a distinct competitive basis, with young drivers with an interesting ability to evolve and a roof for his talent even further. I am very happy to be able to gather Pol, Tito and Axel in uns same box and I am convinced we can achieve great results.

How does the team have three pilots? 
is the first time that Pons Racing has three drivers together and made ​​an extra effort to get both from the technical side, and economic and logistics. But I'm glad I made ​​this bet and convinced that the results will give us the impact and the impact multiplied.

Is the quality of their current pilots a team reminds him of the past? 
I have been fortunate to lead great drivers, some of them world champions such as Alex Criville, Max Biaggi, Loris Capirossi, Carlos Checa, etc.. If you were to compare the current drivers and the current situation, relatively speaking, what would the 2001 team, consisting of Alex Barros and Loris Capirossi. The budget situation was difficult because of the lack of a major sponsor, but the whole team, starting with the two drivers gave him a brutal desire and effort was generally Titanic. We realized a dream and achieved better than the Honda factory team, led more laps than any other training and the results were extraordinary. But also the human quality of people and the relationship of respect and harmony among all team members was '10 '. Dren live two gorgeous and I think now we have the perfect wicker to repeat that feat.

Does the team has the best motorcycle Moto2 by Kalex Being the world champion? 
not know if we have the best bike, but certainly one of the best. The Kalex has been world champion in 2011 and has been piloted by several drivers competitive. From what I am sure of is that people who work in this bike is the best in the paddock. Blind trust in the technical management of Santi Mulero and the creative capacity of Alex Baugmartel. In Moto2 the difference of the package are brand motorbike rider and technicians and 40 HP Tuenti has one of the best. We sweat, because nobody will give us nothing, but we are ready.

We define Pol Espargaró 
is a pilot since childhood has always been a winner, he knows to be in the race, is fast and intuitive and never gives up. I believe in its possibilities, in their experience, despite having only 20, and will have at its disposal the means to reach and we will do everything to arrive. He and his technical team should be candidates for the title.

And Tito Rabat? 
tireless worker and experienced despite his youth. He has done merits, especially last year, to be kept in consideration when making bets and now have a bike and let the technicians must take another step forward. In 2011 has excelled at a high level and now it's better to be consolidated and regularly in the 'Top 5'. Along with raising the level of Pol computer because it is normal when there is so much equality and your first opponent is your partner box.

What are you waiting for Axel Pons? 
will be his fourth season in the World Cup, third in Moto2 and I would like to have continuity and peace that has so far not because of injuries. His career is being broken and need to climb stairs slowly, to get to know their limits. 2012 reaches a more mature and if you can work little by little I can have a great progression also motivated by the competitiveness and quality within the box.

How does global economic times so delicate on your computer? 
is still hard and we are looking for funding, but we are fortunate to already have three large companies that allow us to be a team that reaches millions of people. This is the fourth year of collaboration with Top 40 will look Pol Espargaró number, and the millionaire Rush Radio audiences will join Spanish Tuenti social network with more than 13 million users. These two media give strength to the project, giving it credibility and impact and return. Together this will remain HP, a company with high technology has contributed to the design and development and continues to make its Kalex media daily technical management of the bike. The set is ideal and hope some other traveling companion to have no excuse and fight from the first session of the season Moto2 World Championship.

source: motocuatro

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