Monday, January 23, 2012

No money, no rides for Yonny Hernandez, Mattia Pasini and Sergio Gadea

In the world of GP racing most riders are paid decent wages, some like the ‘aliens’ get stratospheric pay checks with sponsorship deals rounding out their bank accounts in some tax haven, while others have to struggle to find the money to sponsor their own ride and the situation over the past years has constantly gotten worse due to the global economic climate.

Such are the cases for Anthony West, who put out an ad in a newspaper to find sponsors, Mattia Pasini who was in Spain offering his services to Stop and Go but said he too needed money. 125cc/Moto2 rider Sergio Gadea on Twitter said he’s been offered several rides, but he ‘no tenga dinero,’ so no money no ride for the 2012 season, now Yonny Hernandez who should be in MotoGP and riding for Avintia Racing has revealed that he needs € 250,000 to complete his budget in order to race their CRT bike or his partecipation will be in doubt.

We understand the need that GP racing has to become less expensive, but should the riders really be shouldering that burden?

source: twowheelsblog

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