Monday, January 23, 2012

Yellow Fever - Valentino Rossi's fans become the subject of a documentary

Which MotoGP rider is the most popular and has the largest fan base around the world? If we were to judge by the sea of yellow and #46 flags waved during any Grand Prix event and the number of times his name is mentioned and the attention and feedback that he garners (good and bad) we’d have to say almost without a doubt that it would have to be Valentino Rossi.
Even in his lousiest season ever, with no wins and only one podium, the number of fans that continue to stay true and loyal and defend their champion is still impressive. So what makes a Rossi fan tick?
Febbre Gialla or Yellow Fever is an Italian documentary that tries to delve into this fan base who even make pilgrimages to the ‘Holy Land’ of Tavullia to see a town that is dedicated and lives for their most famous citizen, while interviewed fans talk and reveal interesting aspects about their idol with curiosities, and anecdotes.

The film, written and directed by Gianni del Corral and produced by The Emotion Film is to help Baby Xitter, a non profit association that collects funds for the construction of a recreational area for children with and without disabilities in the city of Turin.

The project involved Valentino Rossi’s Official Fan Club, the town of Tavullia, Ducati, Dorna, which granted rights to the images and footage that Mediaset provided and some of the original soundtrack is by Mauro Tononi, Rossi’s official imitator.

source: twowheelsblog

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