Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rossi: 'Sic' Lawson wanted to be

At the dawn of the feast to celebrate the 25 birthday of Marco Simoncelli, many wondered whether they would Valentino Rossi was present. Involved, in spite of himself, in the accident that took the lives of his friend and companion in adventure, Rossi was intentionally kept as far away from the spotlight on a tragedy that touches him closely. He did the same last night, taking advantage of darkness and silence a few moments and then appear in the audience at the beginning of the show. But Rossi was. It could not be otherwise. In witness whereof, the embrace between Valentino and Paul Simoncelli, which dampens the controversy once and for all custom assembled from newspapers .

"The irony was the strength of Mark, and was just celebrating it with a night like this - Rossi said -  It was very exciting. Before we cried with laughter, then tears and all. It was the best way to remember him. It would be nice to have a party like this every year " .

Particularly significant, a segment in which a child says to his father, Marco Simoncelli wanted to do "as the bear with the bike and win."  "In my opinion, meant Mark Lawson (Eddie, 4 times world champion in 500, note) - has hazardous Valentino - Why Lawson was a pilot who loved his dad " .

Despite eight years of difference, Rossi and Simoncelli had a rare complication. "Sic Romagna was a pure, with a passion for motorcycles - he said - The boys in my generation grew up always wanted to have fun on two wheels, and was also Mark so " .

Like many other drivers of the championship, the 'Doctor' will honor the memory of 'Sic' on track. "I will use a helmet dedicated to him, even if only in the tests. There are things that matter to a certain point. The important thing is that Mark will always be with me, as with all of you "

source: GP One

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