Monday, February 6, 2012

Avintia Racing: All work and positive feelings in Sepang

The logical teething problems have limited the bike a little test program provided by the team Avintia Racing, which has three drivers come with the first test of the preseason 2012. Nevertheless, the team has been working in the right direction to achieve the desired goals before the season started.

The main problems have arisen from the side of the engine, which has constrained the planned work to the point of being unable to roll over, virtually nothing during the second day of practice. Fortunately, after much work has been able to complete the program of the third day but on this occasion, was the rain that has meant that you could not exhaust the total training time. However, the Racing Avintia calls very positive these days that have been used to locate and to solve our problems before they start the season at the Grand Prix Tasting.

Raul Romero (MotoGP Team Manager):

"It's been a hard days but positive. We have had problems but now when I need to be taken to reach the championship yet solved. We are pleased with the performance of the bike's engine failure but we have lost a long time. The second day I used to repair the engine and try to solve the problem. Thanks to the efforts and work of the technical team, we were able to shoot the final day more normally. It was an interim solution to be on track, but at home we will fix it permanently. There bear in mind that while the factories do the work in winter "in camera" with the CRT work "with the public" and less time. We have a little patience. Despite the problems we are pleased with this test and very excited to continue working for the championship. "

Ivan Silva:

"Training here has been very positive, despite the engine problems we have significantly limited. On the last day we could shoot a lot but being very careful with the propellant. That has made the times have not been as good as, I am convinced, could have been. Still, we have seen many positive things and many in which we still have margin. We have worked on the chassis and we managed to improve the entrance to turns and bouncing of the front. Rain has not left us to move forward but it was a fruitful day. There is still some way to go but the feeling is very good. "
Roberto Pietri:

"It's been a conference very interesting. To a greater or lesser extent, has been able to run and have reached important conclusions for the future. I have given few laps but have been excellent. The bike goes well, is sensitive to changes are made and why it's important. There was driven from the Valencia race, and yet, once I found comfortable with it. bike is "easy" and enjoyable to drive. I'm very animated over the next training. "

Jordi Torres:

"The first day I gave a few laps but I would grope like the bike and learn how everything worked. Gradually we introduced some changes, but always with caution and trying to" understand the bike. "The second day we had a problem with the engine and just shot, but at the last minute we could go out and check that everything worked. Fnr the last session has been a work plan that we could get done and thus know which direction to take. Water has reduced the running time but has been a good day. For the next test will be much more competitive, sure. "

source: MotoGP Official

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