Monday, February 6, 2012

The 'law anti-Honda' benefits Rossi and Lorenzo

The key is in weight. The Ducati masterstroke in asking the World MotoGP promoters an increase of minimum weight of the new 1000cc bikes, moved to request that Dorna FIM, manufacturers and pilots and it was incredibly approved the overnight (the request was after the Valencia GP), has revealed after the first test of the preseason is a 'law anti-Honda' motorbikes since the golden wing team are the only ones that do not improve, or do so little about his time last season.

When Valentino Rossi suggested, during the Grand Prix of Valencia, the new 1000cc should weigh a little more to make a competitive bike Ducati was not a gathering of bar comment. Valentino knew very well to say what Ducati had already done the 'suggestion' to Dorna, and more importantly, I knew that Honda had already 'packaged' the new RC213V weight ciñéndola establishing the rules so far. After the change of standard fattening of four kilos, Honda has not 'unpack' your motorbike, shot a torpedo, a missile, a shell ... and not know how many things have been said that it was, but simply added weight, while Yamaha has completed the preparation of the new M1 aware of a new standard of weight, and of course the Ducati brand new made from November until now.

So the missile Casey Stoner now has four kilos of ballast, overweight, over ... and that, in a line of 1,500 meters is not noticeable, but when you have to put the bike in a curve from 180 to 40 per hour and also raise it to make a change of direction ... that things change and it is as if these four kilos of carry hanging where it does not sound.

Dani Pedrosa and advanced it on Saturday: "Weight gain is the most negative of the new bike," he said without wanting to delve much on the topic or pick fights. But Stoner, who defends the title and know that change can cause more of a headache, it has since the outcry: "It is quite frustrating because we had developed the bike and it was then decided to make a new rule, so we we had to add 4 kilos more. That is a disadvantage for us because the bike had already been developed, designed for a certain weight and now have to add more, and that affects the bike. It's not something we notice much in the pilot in general, but unfortunately at the time to maneuver through the curve itself is quite noticeable. We must try to adapt a bit more and get over it, but disappointed that they decided to do so later. "

Honda surely think, and it is true, that with four kilos or so the bike is so superior to the rest going to see them come and see what happens in the first half of the season before undertaking structural changes to the prototype. However, making a simple comparison between the times that marked the pilots in the pre-season test at Sepang last year with the 800cc bikes, and this year marked the 1000cc, you can check that both drivers most improved Jorge Lorenzo are with the new Yamaha and Valentino Rossi on the Ducati GP12. The Honda, or have worsened their records, such as Pedrosa, or have improved very little, as Stoner. The Australian, with the 800, shot last year in 1.59.665, just 0.058 seconds slower, nothing. Dani What is worse, with a more powerful bike has shot almost half a second slower ... The other manufacturers have improved their records: Lorenzo in more than 0.7 seconds, 0.6 Rossi, Spies in almost 0.2, Barbera over 0.4, to give examples of drivers who continue with the same bike from year to year (Hayden, injured, to our knowledge today, should not be significant).

So, Yamaha and Ducati improve, Honda stagnates or worsens, and one more thing. Valentino, who is the most knowledgeable of all this, said after the test was satisfied because "we are close to Lorenzo", like the Yamaha's reference to follow ... and other data, while last year Stoner spoke wonders your new bike "I feel increasingly comfortable with the RC212V and I have really wanted to get to Qatar" , and Lorenzo left demoralized the first test of 2011, now the trend seems to have reversed, and the unrest has left Australian Sepang, while Lorenzo and Rossi both have done very satisfied.

source: motocuatro

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